What is a Charter School?

    Reimagining education: one school, one classroom, one student at a time. There is CHOICE in public education! 


    Public charter schools were created by the state of Texas in 1995 to have the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of students and encourage more innovation in education. Because charter schools are public schools, they are open to all children, are not associated with any religion, and are tuition-free. Charter schools operate with the same academic and financial accountability under TEA as public ISDs. The leaders and teachers of these student-centered, family and community-engaged schools are passionate that every Texas student deserves a high-quality education regardless of where they live. 

    Public charter schools vary in mission and model, serving a diverse population of students with a wide range of needs. Each charter school is unique. We believe students deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach to public education. Learn more about how we meet the needs of our students at Advantage Academy by exploring our "About Us" section. 

    The reasons that parents choose charter schools for their children are just as unique as the students themselves. A few reasons our parents chose Advantage Academy over their traditional public ISD are:

    • Our small school environment allows a more individualized approach to teaching and classroom management. Your child is more than a number. 
    • Our zero tolerance bullying policy protects our students while giving our parents peace of mind. Incidents that may go unnoticed at a larger ISD are quickly addressed at Advantage Academy.
    • Our students have unique opportunities to get involved in the community, have a head start with college courses, create their own clubs, and much more. 
    • Our dedicated focus on Character and Leadership builds relationships within the school and prepares students beyond the classroom.
    • Parents want a voice in their child's education! Charter schools offer choice to families and students. 
    • And so much more!

    Learn more about Charter Schools by visiting NAPCS What is a Charter School?