Tonya Williams, M.A.

  • Photo of Assistant Superintendent Ms. Tonya Williams, Assistant Superintendent, has been with Advantage Academy since 2003. She previously served the district in the roles of Teacher, Site Director, Principal, and Director of Academics. Throughout her time at Advantage Academy, Ms. Williams has expemplified hard work, collaboration, and positive partnerships. She continues to promote these themes as she leads at the district level.

    Ms. Williams graduated with her bachelor's degree from University of Louisiana at Monroe. In 2019, she completed her master's degree in Instructional Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. She believes the educational realm needs "passionately-committed leaders" and is dedicated to leading her team with a hands-on approach. Ms. Williams is most proud of her dedication to her family. Her favorite lyric is, “If I can help someone along the way, then my living won't be in vain."