Social Studies

  • Social Studies is important in the foundational development of leadership, character, and citizenship. Here at Advantage Academy, you are a leader, valued community member, and contributor. In the social studies classroom, students study citizenship, history, geography, economics, government, culture, technology, and society.

    K-2: Curriculum centers on what it means to be a responsible member of your school, family, and community.

    3-5: Students practice problem solving, decision making, and independent thinking skills.

    6-12: Students will learn the importance of patriotism, the basic democratic values of our state and nation, and explore other cultures and societies around the world.


Social Studies Highlights

  • Leadership in the Classroom: Every student and every member of the Advantage Academy family has a role to play in leadership. In class, students will have the opportunity to volunteer and campaign for specific class jobs and tasks. Students will improve their communication skills, learn how to build and maintain trust, and manage conflict.

    Character and Social Skills: We believe in providing the best learning opportunities to prepare students' mind, body, and spirit. In social studies, students will create a future vision board to showcase what being a Champion means to them. Students engage in daily conversations about specific character traits that align with the personal vision and talk about skills involving creativity, communication, collaboration, character, citizenship, and critical thinking, and problem-solving.

    Citizenship and Service Learning: We prepare students to be productive, competent, and ethical leaders. Each week students evaluate personal citizenship, civic participation, and demonstration of habits and interpersonal skills. Students get involved in the local community through service-learning projects

    Milestones in Academics: Each semester, students have a milestone project that is based on facts and concepts regarding American History and the Founding Fathers. Distinguished work is recognized with a certificate and medal.


Social Studies Beyond the Classroom

  • The Power of Why Character Program incorporates the study of character traits with an emphasis on moral values and beliefs. The program includes classroom discussion of character traits, followed by an at-home discussion of traits and values with family members and a student reflection. The purpose of the program is to build character, develop purpose, and motivate students by connecting classroom learning to the real world.

    Students receive 16 Social Studies Weekly publications throughout the school year. Each newspaper edition contains easy to read, visual articles driven by guiding questions that challenge and engage students to explore civics and government, geography, economics, and history.

    All students have the opportunity to have PenPals from other countries. In partnership with PenPal Schools, students will be able to communicate with another student in a different country. Students will be able to read, write, and create original projects online to share with their penpal in a safe, secure learning environment.

    All sophomores have the opportunity to take Drive Through History course using David Barton’s resources from Wall Builders. In this course, students examine the American beliefs and its principles of citizenship that exemplify character, morals, and ethics. Students take a field trip to Alvado, Texas, to tour the WallBuilders’ Collection Museum.