Dual Credit

  • Advantage Academy encourages students who qualify to take dual credit courses. Taking dual credit or college courses provides students a way to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Tuition is free for students who take dual credit courses at Dallas County Community College (Mountain View location) and through a new partnership with Texas State Technical College .  

    A student’s eligibility for enrollment in a dual credit course is based upon the following criteria:

    1. Student must have passed all required state assessments.
    2. Student must have passed the requesting college’s admission entrance requirements and entrance examination.  
    3. The student must have successfully completed prerequisite courses as identified by district guidelines.

    Dual credit courses are available for 10th through 12th grade students. Students are encouraged to take the TSIA2 prior to their 10th grade year if they are interested in taking Dual Credit courses.

    Advantage Academy and the partnering community colleges (DCCD and TSTC) have an instructional partnership where course credit is provided to students for both high school and college. Eligibility is limited to students who have met the following criteria: (1) earned at least 16 credits or above, (2) Grade Average of 80% or higher, (3) TSIA2 exempt or passed the appropriate sections of the placement test and/or other appropriate state approved test scores (ACT, SAT or eligible STAAR end-of course assessments).