• Jungle Safari Welcome Posters {Pre-K through 8th Grade} by Star Kids

    Our Class Schedule:

    7:50-8:20  CAP

    8:22-9:22  ELAR Knowledge

    9:24-10:28  Math 

    10:30-11:00 Lunch/Recess & Bathroom

    11:02-12:02 ELAR skill 

    12:04-12:45  PE/Health

    12:47-1:32 Personalized Learning 

    1:34-2:19 Science 

    2:21-3:10 S.Studies  


    Classroom Expectations: 

    1. Show respect for the teacher, yourself, and others at all times.

      2. Put forth your best effort at all times.

    3. Come prepared with all materials necessary.

    4. Follow directions when given

    5. Pay attention, participate and ask questions

      6. Take responsibility for your actions

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Raise hands for permission to leave your seat 

    2. Raise hand to speak.

    3. Follow Directions quickly.

    4. Make smart choices 

    5. Make your teacher happy. 

    This year's theme for our classroom is Jungle/Safari. We have a total of 25 students in the class. 

    Each day they are given classroom jobs 

    Line Leader

    Board cleaner


    Light monitor 

    Desk cleaner

    Door holder

    Trash monitor 

    Teacher assistant 

    Paper Distributor 

    Calendar Assistant

    What are Learning......

    CAP- Theodore Roosevelt

    Math- Measuring 

    Reading- Ancient greek 

    Science- Physical and chemical changes 

    Social Studies-how historical figures contribute to our community.