Ms. Freeman Class

Welcome to 1st Grade
  • Welcome to Ms. Freeman's 1st Grade Class,

     In my first grade class we learn English Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies. Students enjoy learning together and coming up with ways to share new ideas in class.Students enjoy collaborating on different class assignments while coming up with different ways to learn each subject that is being taught. Each subject matter is important to students. Students enjoy learning English Language Arts( ELAR) because it helps them learn how to read. ELAR shows students how words come from different alphabets and how alphabets form different words. Mathematics are enjoyed by students because students learn that numbers are more than just symbols to form an answer. Students learn that math helps them count to ten and more. Science and Social Studies allow students to see the world in a unique way suchas being able to look at the stars and moon in the sky. Students are able to discover the amazing history of America and understand the value of celebrating Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.