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7 Pillars of Character and Leadership

Our 7 Pillars represent the components we believe to be essential to developing strong character and leadership skills within our students.

Our seven pillars of charater and leadership highlight the attitudes, goals, and mindset of champions! Champions have the tools, abilities, and confidence to make a difference within themselves and the world around them.

Character and leadership are at the core of education at Advantage Academy. Through a district-wide Pillar of the Month and ongoing classroom enrichment, students will learn and incorporate these traits as part of their school's everyday language and culture.

Integrity Integrity is having strong moral values and showing consistent character even when no one is watching. The honesty, truthfulness, or accuracy of one's actions.

Humility Humility is a modest view of oneself. Not the opposite of confidence, humility is showing a lack of false pride, seeing the importance in others, and being willing to learn and grow.

Authority Authority means being a leader that is willing to serve in order to support the team. Authority is leading with both confidence and humility.

Stability Stability is having a firm purpose and consistently working towards that purpose with perseverance. Reliable and dependable; having strength or security.

Community Community is a group of people linked by a common goal or purpose. People connected and empowered with knowledge and the skills needed to effect change for a shared interest.

Prosperity Prosperity is a state of health of the mind, body, and spirit. To thrive; encompass happiness.

Victory Victory is to achieve success by overcoming opposition and difficulties. To overcome; triumph.