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Family Engagement

Advantage Academy Families,

Part of my research as a doctoral student focused on the importance of family engagement in student learning. Below is some information that I found throughout my studies that I hope you find helpful. These findings are woven into the educational approaches at Advantage Academy. We value the partnership between school and home and believe that this connection helps students to become better learners and citizens. Our hope is to encourage families to get involved in their child's education, which is why we create opportunites for connection through homework assignments, family engagement game nights, parent university, parent ambassador programs, and more.

- Dr. Angela McDonald, Superintendent

  • Experts agree that the home is the first and most effective place to learn the lessons of life, virtue, personal responsibility, hard work, and the value of education. Parents also play an important role in developing a student's purpose in life and encouraging hopes and dreams for their children's future. 
  • A child’s purpose can be driven by motivation towards a family, career, vocational purposes or faith, or by other things, such as serving others, the arts, and sports. As a public school, we believe it is important for parents to partner with us so that together we can help cultivate purpose in students. This can be accomplished through creating an environment where students are cared for, determined, and have a zeal to learn.
  • When schools and parents communicate expectations to children, it influences a child’s thinking and provides them with motivation to learn. When families are involved in their child’s education, learning is enhanced and students do better in school and in life. Influences from parents can have a large effect on student outcomes. Intrinsically motivating children through positive reinforcement and encouragement has been shown to have a much greater effect on student outcomes than nagging or disciplining. Parents who have appropriate expectations and communicate those expectations to their child promote endurance, leading to more positive outcomes. 

All in all, a family’s love and support - partnered with structure and discipline, the reinforcement of hard work, and value in education - are powerful indicators of student success and motivation. Explore the "Our Parents" tab to learn more about how to get involved.

Power of Why Program

The Power of Why (POW) is an at home and at school interactive curriculum supports your child’s character development and your family values.  The program is designed to improve your child's understanding of their own character behaviors and how it fits with your family's foundational values. Each week during the Champion Advisory Period (CAP), your child will be assigned a topic to discuss with you at home about your family’s core values and practical applications. This will help your child be more motivated to learn at school as well as have a deep understanding of your family values and why you do what you do.

Benefits of Family Engagement


Helpful Tips for Parents