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2017-18 K-12 Enrollment Application Step 1

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Advantage Academy
K-12 Enrollment Application Form
(STEP 1) 
2017/2018 School Year

Thank you for choosing Advantage Academy for your child’s educational needs. Please complete and return this Enrollment Application Form (step 1). You will be contacted regarding your child’s application status and provided directions for completing the enrollment process. 

Contact information must be kept current. Please inform the school immediately of any changes in address, phone number or email address.

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Grade applying for*
K-12 only (Please use PK step 1 application for all PK students)
Have you ever attended Advantage Academy or Eagle Advantage Schools?*
If yes, which campus?
Last school attended was a:*
Last school attended was located in*
How did you hear about us?*


Please provide all information as indicated below. You will be required to provide official student discipline records as part of the step 2 enrollment process. 

1. Did the student engage in conduct or misbehavior within the preceding year that resulted in removal to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)?*
2. Did the student engage in conduct within the preceding year that resulted in a Suspension or Expulsion? *
3. Does the student have a discipline history that could be defined as Excessive? *
4. Does the student have any serious documented behavioral incidents under subchapter A; such as a Felony?*
5. Has the student engaged in Delinquent Conduct and is on Probation or other Conditional Release?*
6. Has the student been Convicted of a Criminal Offense and is on Probation?*
7. Does the student have a Criminal History?*
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature By submitting your Electronic Signature you hereby attest that all the information you have entered on this application is true to the best of your knowledge, and you recognize that any falsification of information required for enrollment will cause your child to become ineligible for enrollment or he/she may be immediately withdrawn. You understand and consent to all State and local requirements of the Advantage Academy K-12 Program(s), both stated and implied. Furthermore, you attest that you will adhere to all program terms and conditions as listed on this application and in the AA Enrollment Manual. Do you agree with these statements?*
For office use only: Reviewed by ___________________ Date & Time ________________
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