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Letter from the Superintendent 6/3/2020

Advantage Academy is deeply saddened by the inexcusable killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbury, and too many other Black men, women, and children in this country. This country’s divide over race has long existed through deeply-ingrained prejudices and inequities, and recently more examples of this are necessarily coming to light.

Many of our Advantage Academy students, families, and staff are hurting, and we stand alongside you. For the past few months, our theme at Advantage Academy has been “We Are Family.” To our Black family members who are hurting, your life matters. Your life has a purpose. Advantage Academy is committed to the justice of all of our students and staff. We are not colorblind to the differences held by each person, but rather we recognize and celebrate the unique experiences and value that each person brings.

American schools are called to educate students to grow into productive members of society. However, if all we do as educators is teach math and sciences, we miss the mark. This is why Advantage Academy was founded: To meet the unique needs of ALL students, and to give them hope and a purpose for their future. At Advantage Academy, we are devoted to teaching character with the understanding that productive members of society are members who listen to, learn from, and care for others. We also focus on teaching and promoting leadership skills and opportunities with the understanding that each child has the potential to make an impact. 

In addition to a curriculum that provides equitable opportunities for all students, Advantage Academy’s mission includes teaching truth in American history, civic virtue, and service in a safe, healthy, nurturing, and faith-friendly environment. When students are empowered, they realize their power to make a difference in this world. These values are woven into our educational environment. 

At Advantage Academy, we value our staff, students, families, and friends of all colors and ethnicities. Racism is a national and worldwide issue that schools must address and actively resist. Advantage Academy will continue to uphold our mission, reflect these values, and innovate for a better learning experience for all, so that our students can TRULY be prepared for a global society. It is my hope that we come together as family now more than ever during this time. 


Angela McDonald, Ed.D.
Advantage Academy

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