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Academic Probation Google Form Link 12/16/20

Your child (1st & Last name) has not shown success as an online learner this school year, and has failed multiple classes. While COVID has presented many challenges to families, students must still learn their academic content, not only to promote to the next grade level, but also be prepared for future academic success. COVID will not last forever, but learning loss will impact present and future success if corrective action is not taken.

Based on this information, Advantage Academy is placing your child on Academic Probation, effective immediately.

Because your child is not being successful in the online learning environment, Advantage Academy is recommending that he/she RETURN TO SCHOOL 100% of the time effective no later than the beginning of second semester, January 19th. If he/she wishes to return earlier, that is also acceptable.

Please complete the following brief form prior to the Christmas break (December 18) so that we can know what your decision is regarding your child’s learning mode and we can plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact your campus registrar. Please note that district and campus offices will be closed from December 19 to January 4th. School resumes for students on Wednesday, January 6. Be sure and click submit on the last page of the form. Link to Parent Decision Form due 12/17/20: http://gg.gg/niylz

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http://gg.gg/niylz Source: Google Form Link
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