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New Instruction Eng/Spanish Training Video 1/17/21

Advantage Academy Parent/Guardian,

You were recently notified that your child (first name, last name) had struggled to pass classes for the first semester. To help them have greater success this semester, we have encouraged them to return to campus. For those who are still learning at home, we are making changes to how they receive instruction in many of their classes.

Please view this presentation in English or Spanish in the Youtube link below to learn more. This new type of instruction will begin on Tuesday, January 19. If you have any questions, please contact your campus administrator.

Spring 2020-21 Online Learning Strategies Video Training (ENGLISH) https://youtu.be/OsWHqx8HNXg

Capacitación en video sobre estrategias de aprendizaje en línea primavera 2020-21 (ESPAÑOL) https://youtu.be/uW6ymA9YQok

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https://youtu.be/OsWHqx8HNXg Source: Spring 2020-21 Online Learning Strategies Video
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