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District Emergency Response Plan

(Multi-Hazard Operations)


Advantage Academy’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) was developed in collaboration with the Texas School Safety Center using The Standard Response Protocol and other established emergency practices. The School’s ERP is designed to ensure that the School can manage emergency incidents efficiently and effectively. The plan is designed to align with local, regional, state and federal plans, including guidance from the Texas Division of Emergency Management, Texas Education Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and U.S. Department of Education. It is based on guidance including various Gubernatorial Executive Orders, Homeland Security Presidential Directives, CPG 101 and the National Incident Management System.

To the extent possible, the School will adapt and integrate Local and regional emergency management plans into its ERP to provide guidance for the deployment of local and regional emergency resources, mutual aid resources and response using incident command. The ERP summarizes the School’s intended response for school incidents and special event planning. It recognizes that Advantage Academy’s emergency operations may be supported by local emergency management resources and provides guidance for requesting assistance through appropriate channels.


Click PDF attachments below for: Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Overview and ERP Awareness for Parents.