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Are there extra-curricular activities for my child?
Each high school offers girl’s volleyball, cheerleading and boy’s football. Spring sports include boy’s and girl’s basketball, girl’s softball, boy’s baseball, and track for both. Parents are encouraged to participate in our Booster Clubs, as well. Middle School sports are available at most campuses. Students can participate in UIL academics, UIL One-Act play competition, yearbook, journalism and more. We offer many other extra- and co-curricular activities. Please contact your campus for more information. 
Does Advantage Academy offer dual college credit?
Yes. We partner with Mountain View College and Navarro College to provide dual college credit.
Does Advantage Academy provide vocational classes?
Yes. We offer CTE courses (Career and Technical Education) in our 8-12 grades. This program is part of the highly acclaimed Achieve Texas education initiative (www.achievetexas.org). The programs of study that we currently offer are: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications; Business Management & Administration; Finance; Government & Public Administration; and S.T.E.M. (Science,Technology,Engineering & Mathematics). Students may also obtain a Microsoft Certification and more.
Are the teachers qualified?
Yes. All teachers are college graduates and/or certified in the subject areas they teach.
What are the residency requirements?
Advantage Academy is certified by the State to enroll students from school districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro areas at all of our locations.  Download PDF below for a complete list of our geographical boundaries by school district.
Does the school provide bus transportation to and from school?
Advantage Academy only provides bus transportation for students to attend athletic competition and field trips. We are unable to provide transportation to and from our campuses for school.
Does the school administer the STAAR test?
Yes. We follow all Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines for the STAAR, and students take it at the times determined by the TEA.
Is there a school nurse?
Yes. Each Advantage Academy campus has a Certified Nurse’s Aid (CNA) on staff with a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) rotating through each campus.
What are the prices for breakfast and lunch?
Breakfast – $2.00 Students and $3.00 parents and staff
Lunch – $3.00 Students and $4.00 parents and staff
Reduced Breakfast – $.30
Reduced Lunch – $.40
Ice Cream – $1.00
Do you offer Bilingual education?
Bilingual education is offered at our N. Duncanville campus only. ESL is provided at all campuses.
Does Advantage Academy charge tuition?
No. We are a public charter school funded by the State of Texas and do not charge tuition. We receive less funding per student than traditional public schools and no funding for facilities. We are operated by a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and can accept donations at any time by clicking the donate tab on our website. All contributions are tax-deductible on your income return.
How do I enroll my child?
Please go to our Admissions tab to download our admissions application. Print and return application at your requested campus. You may also pickup an application at each campus main office.