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Volunteer/Chaperone & Basic Participation Information & Applications

Download the appropriate PDF form below, print and return to the campus office.

Regardless of level approval, during normal school hours all campus visitors including parents and volunteers must present a photo ID and obtain a “Visitors Badge” from Raptor each visit.

Background Checks and Raptor entries are NOT required for parents and visitors who are entering for the purpose of a scheduled: open house; special event; or performance by a school class, team, club, or group in a sponsored activity after-hours or weekends.

Accessible Activities for Volunteer/Chaperone-Basic-Raptor

The Campus maintains an authorized Volunteer/Chaperone and Basic Level Listing as approved. Only persons on the approved list may participate and/or serve the school in any capacity.

All accessible activities and duties at all levels shall be at the discretion and direction of Campus Administration with proper notification.

Below are the accessible activities for each level.


VOLUNTEER/CHAPERONE Approved Applicants are entitled to:

·        Chaperone approved field trips

·        Volunteer and assist on campus

·        Assist teachers in the classroom

·        Host or sponsor student clubs or other sanctioned activities

·        Assist and/or participate in extra-curricular activities, school programs and seasonal parties

·        All Basic Level and Raptor activities


BASIC LEVEL* Approved applicants are entitled to:

·        Observe their child’s class

·        Join their child on field trips

·        Assist in school sanctioned Club/Organization activities and events

·        Visit with their child on “Field Day”

·        All Raptor activities


RAPTOR ENTRIES* (No application necessary): Approved entries are entitled to:

·        Eat lunch with their child

·        Parent – Teacher  conferences

·        Grade or Discipline conferences

·        Student instructional related meetings

·        Administrative related meetings/activities

Raptor conducts a quick scan of photo ID entries.

All non-approvals by Raptor must be reported to Campus Administration immediately.


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