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Advantage Academy features a rich academic program focused on helping students acquire the best fundamental skills available for high school, college, and life success. With curriculum content aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and state-adopted curricular materials, we incorporate advanced skills to truly challenge our students.


Our staff of certified and highly qualified educators is committed to assisting all students to reach their full potential socially, academically, and physically. We are proud of our district and the various programs implemented daily. We are a diverse population focused on academic excellence.


The Advantage Academy academic program is built on its mission and vision with emphasis on "Revolutionizing American Education" and developing strong character. We believe that these values will assist each and every student in becoming a true "CHAMPION."


English/Language Arts programs focus on a rigorous curriculum of grammar, writing, and literacy skills. Through these components, students are expected to build knowledge, gain insights, explore possibilities, and broaden their perspectives.


Social Studies/History programs promote student understanding of historical concepts and important details about history and culture by allowing students to discover connections between the truth in history and their lives today. Through inquiry, it is our goal to challenge students to establish a foundation of knowledge that created

“One Nation Under God."


Mathematics and Science programs target skill development and growth in independent thinking and reasoning. These classrooms are equipped with various materials to enrich student learning and encourage discovery. The latest research indicates that future workers in our country must become skilled in the "STEM" areas (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) as most businesses and industries are creating increasing demands for quality technology skills, problem solving, and higher level thinking. At Advantage Academy, we are intentional about developing these skills to enable students to have a wealth of choices when deciding a plan for their future. Rigorous content coupled with a firm foundation creates a bountiful learning environment in which students develop and discover their unique talents.

Curriculum at a Glance:

  • McGraw Hill
  • TEKS Resource System
  • Edgenuity
  • Pearson
  • Safari
  • Social Studies Weekly


Additional Academic Programs:

  • CTE
  • OverDrive Digital Library
  • Online High School courses including AP
  • Dual Credit with local colleges
  • TexQuest online resources
  • Technology training and exploration at all grade levels
  • High School Bible elective
  • Character and Leadership Education using "The Leader in Me" and "Why Try"
  • Community Service (required for all graduates)


Intervention Programs:

  • Reading A-Z
  • FastForWord
  • Think Through Math
  • Edgenuity
  • BrainPOP
  • Discovery Streaming
  • Khan Academy
  • Science 360
  • All In Learning
  • Istation



  • State Assessment Calendar & Link to State Calendar -


  • NWEA Map Assessment & Link to NWEA Parent Site –



Advantage Academy’s relevant instruction and academic rigor will encourage critical thinkers to become problem solvers and responsible citizens of our community and our world.