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Administrative Services

The administrative services division is an important part of AA and its departments. Administrative services ties back to the relationship with AA’s parents. This division is the “face” of the school. This is where parents and students are given the “first” impression of how the school functions and treats its customers and visitors. This division and its departments must be well organized and well understood.
Decisions must be research based and data-driven. AA is working to develop more longitudinal data to analyze more specifically the areas of successes within the school community. Customer service, student data and parental involvement activities are important areas within AA.
The Administrative Services Division includes the following:
  • PEIMS - Public Education Information Management Systems
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Parental Involvement
  • Enrollment/Attendance
  • School Counseling
Parents play the most important role in the education of their child. Parents are asked to take an active role in addressing the child with homework requirements, school communications, testing times and grade reports.