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Athletics Home

The Athletic Department is responsible for the development of student athletes at Advantage Academy and is an integral part of the educational and academic mission of AA. The school’s athletic program is committed to ensuring that student athlete’s learn in the classroom, on the field of play and through the overall experience of being a student athlete.  

The Athletic Department is responsible for creating an environment that prioritizes character, citizenship, sportsmanship and leadership using established departmental goals that are integrally aligned with those of AA. The Director’s, Coordinator’s and Coaches will work cooperatively to provide an atmosphere of teamwork and comradery in meeting established sport standards. 

The Athletic Department includes the Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Director, Campus Athletic Coordinators and Coaches. The Campus Athletic Coordinators involvement includes the monitoring of student athlete eligibility and academic requirements while maintaining a culture of compliance with district rules and policies within the program and the school. All coaches will understand their responsibilities as related to establishing an atmosphere of development, competition and fairness. 

  • Academic Compliance
  • Student Athlete Success
  • Game Environment
  • Community Engagement
  • Continuing Education
  • Fundraising Activities
Download and Print below the required Athletics Physical Packet