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Superintendent's Bulletin

What is an Advantage Academy American Champion? 

Our purpose and goal at Advantage Academy remains; Building Champions with a Future and a Hope; but what does that mean?  First, we actively pursue a champion culture that encourages students to live a life that includes a future and a hope for themselves, their family, their immediate environment, and in turn, America.

We start each day developing a champion mindset and foundation where each student understands that they can be a leader and have a positive influence on everyone around them because “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

We strive to develop students who excel by creating awareness and knowledge of America’s purpose through an understanding of its culture, values and history in each of the core subjects, including literature, history, science, math and the arts.

Using our country’s foundational documents, we remember our past in an open and honest manner, leaving nothing intentionally out. In doing so, we anticipate our students will impact Americas future in a positive way. 

Every adult within the Advantage Academy school community is expected to be a role model, assist in creating and maintaining positive and supportive environments and help each student:

·         Develop a positive mental outlook on life;

·         Acknowledge and lead in positive habits and character traits;

·         Live with strong, moral-based values;

·         Overcome negative circumstances or labels that may keep them from fulfilling their dreams and their destiny;

·         Understand the importance of balance between body, mind and spirit and to be proactive in keeping each of these areas healthy;

·         Exhibit an attitude and thought-life which guides them towards a successful future;

·         Cultivate their gifts, talents and passions;

·         Intentionally expand their knowledge, skills and wisdom for the 21st century;

·         Prioritize life-long learning through college, trade, training and individual learning endeavors;

·         Convey a strong belief system and be willing to stand up for those beliefs;

·         Develop knowledge of and a Love for America, its history, traditions, culture, including understanding the documents and statements of: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

We realize these are lofty goals, which will not be attained overnight or by accident.  It takes the strength and determination of a strong team with students, staff and parents, working towards a common goal.  We will not faint as we press towards that mark!