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District Bullying Policy

Advantage Academy’s Board of Directors believes that all students are entitled to a safe, civil and equitable school experience that is free from harassment, discrimination and bullying. A safe, civil and equitable environment in school is necessary for students to learn, achieve and develop. “Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying”, like other violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate or teach. The Board of Directors hereby prohibits acts of harassment, discrimination and bullying along with any demonstration or other inappropriate behavior(s) that threatens others. Advantage Academy will promote positive student behavior which shall include treating others with respect. The standards of this policy shall constitute a specific, focused and integrated system of support for all students.

The school district will promote academic success through positive school culture and using
proven behavioral methods for addressing harassment, discrimination and bullying which include character and leadership based initiatives that promote good conduct, responsibility, self discipline and good citizenship. Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying is prohibited on all district property (owned, leased or rented), during district sanctioned, school or campus-related activities or events; academic or otherwise during or after normal school hours. “Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying” is also prohibited at anytime and anywhere off school property when such conduct is directed at, involves or has a connection to a student of the school, a parent of a student of the school, an employee of the school or the school itself. All policy campaign efforts will communicate that harassment, discrimination and bullying is not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.

It is the Board of Directors intent that a basic awareness and prevention policy be in place so that every campus will receive a foundation upon which to build a culture of respect, wellness, safety, and health. The Superintendent shall ensure that every administrator, teacher and staff member be informed and is supportive of this policy. Advantage Academy is committed to protecting the district’s students from “Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying” at any time, of any type and for any reason. Conduct that constitutes “Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying” as defined in this policy is strictly prohibited. This policy shall be interpreted and applied consistently with all applicable state and federal laws.