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The Business Department is responsible for all business and financial operations of the school including the following:
  • ensuring that all federal, state and local laws and regulations are followed regarding financial accounting and reporting criteria.
  • ensuring reliability and accuracy within the budgeting and accounting processes.
  • planning, preparing and making recommendations regarding the financial practices and needs of the organization.
  • linking financial resources to other necessary resources in order to strengthen the quality of student programs and to provide the organization the ability to grow adequately and timely.

It is the goal of the Business Department to provide an adequate balance between quantity and quality and to communicate the two effectively to all stakeholders. This division works to expand the company’s operational data in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation.  It is the Business Division’s obligation to develop goals, strategies and forecasts that will ensure the financial success of the company.
Includes Division Director; Financial Analyst; Junior Accountant; and Department Coordinators
  • Accounting Controls
  • Purchasing
  • Budget
  • Financial Statements
  • Contracts, leases and procurements
  • State and Federal financial compliance and business practices
  • Accounts Payable
  • Grant compliance and accountability
  • Finance
  • Insurance
Superintendent's Salary: $140,000
2018-2019 Financial Accountability Rating (FIRST)- SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE