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With the growing complexity of the world and the increasing demands of the 21st-century workforce, there is little question that all students should graduate from high school fully prepared for college and careers. From an academic perspective, high school graduates must possess the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for and succeed in the postsecondary education and/or job training necessary for their chosen career (i.e. community college, university, technical/vocational program, apprenticeship, or significant on-the-job training). 

The College and Career Center is the umbrella under which required education and workforce initiatives and programs can be found, from rigorous career and technical education programs, high school completion goals and college and career readiness. To be college and career ready, high school students must study a rigorous and broad curriculum, grounded in the core academic disciplines and also consisting of other subjects that are part of a well-rounded education.  

As an essential part of readiness for college and careers the College and Career Center has been developed to support and inspire every student to pursue their academic, career, personal and social goals while helping them acquire the knowledge and skills needed for college or other post-secondary opportunities. In order to meet these goals, Advantage Academy will provide:

  • Academic advisement, guidance and support that allows all students to meet school and state content standards.
  • Guidance activities and resources that enable students to create a personal plan to achieve their career and post-secondary school goals.
  • A nurturing environment and strategies that encourage students to develop an awareness of their responsibility to themselves and to the community.