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The Compliance Department ensures the school is in compliance with all district, city, state and federal regulations in relation to public school requirements, and ensures that all required documentation is reported timely and accurately. This department is responsible for keeping the school abreast of requirements and documentation related to the regulations of the Texas Education Agency and other governmental agencies.
Includes Director of Business/Compliance; Division Directors; and Department Directors
  • State and Federal reporting requirements
  • State and Federal accountability updates
  • Program compliance and evaluation activities
  • Grant activities and evaluations
  • Keeps abreast of open records regulations and records retention
Advantage Academy received the following District/Campus Locally-Determined Performance and Compliance Status Ratings for the 2015-16 school year - "Exemplary" in Community and Parental Involvement

Compliance Status:  Met Standards

TAPR Report

2016-17 Federal Report Card