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Advantage Academy is committed to providing quality education through quality curriculum and instruction. Our curriculum and instruction staff is focused on providing curriculum guidance to promote engaging and differentiated lessons within the classroom, issuing standards-based assessments with the highest level of rigor, and conducting data-driven research (to name only a few).
The foundation of Advantage Academy’s curriculum and instruction is derived from providing quality instruction through innovative learning techniques by utilizing state-of-the-art technology as its framework. The definitive goal of an Advantage Academy education is the acquisition of knowledge and skills in order to become champions. Our students will also develop character and leadership qualities as they expand their knowledge and skills through academics.
A student displays knowledge when he or she is educated, equipped, and competent in applying a learned skill in order to discern truth and make a decision. Advantage Academy’s instruction is focused on standards provided by the state of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These standards include what students should know and understand in order to succeed at each grade level and subject area.
Our instructional staff employs a wide range of curriculum resources, instructional materials, and state-of-the art technology in working with students toward mastery of the learning standards. Advantage Academy’s PK-12 curriculum and instruction is enhanced by a multiplicity of hardware, software and internet-based programs. The digital natives in our classrooms require guidance, experience, and instruction with technology to be equipped for their future roles.
Materials and curriculum resources, which are a part of Advantage Academy instruction, are elected through the state of Texas. Others are autonomously selected and purchased to meet the needs of our leaders of tomorrow.