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The Maintenance/Facility Department bears the responsibility of maintaining all facilities, mechanical equipment, and utility systems of the school in a condition of operational excellence so that full educational services use may be made at all times.  The department must also provide the school with physical learning environments that are clean, attractive, functional and safe.

The Maintenance/Facility Director directs and manages campus maintenance and custodial operations and oversees all contracted service repairs. Campus maintenance and custodial personnel perform a variety of required duties to address immediate operational and/or safety concerns such as; provide maintenance services as needed and/or assigned; and perform emergency repairs and preventive maintenance activities to maintain the physical school plant.

  • The Maintenance/Facility Department includes a Director and campus personnel
  • The Maintenance/Facility Department is also responsible for the following:
  • Energy conservation and system monitoring
  • Assessment of P.M. needs
  • Understanding and operation in compliance with local code ordinances
  • District safety inspections
  • Energy and cost-efficient installations
  • Assessment and evaluation of all facility systems
  • City code inspection adherence
  • Procurement of materials and supplies
  • Installation of low level systems
  • Management of district and campus security
  • After-hours emergency response as needed