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Gifted & Talented

Nomination, Identification, and Selection


Students are identified through a three step process.  It consists of nomination, screening, and selection. 


Students may be nominated by teachers or parents to determine eligibility for Gifted and Talented services. Please see Nomination Form (English/Spanish) pdf at the bottom of this page.

Teachers will complete an observation inventory on nominees. 

Parents will complete the Parent Information Inventory and permission to test form. 

Nomination forms are collected throughout the school year.  Candidates for screening are notified in the spring semester. 

Each campus has nomination forms with the GT coordinator. 

Nomination forms can also be found on the district website. 


There are four areas of achievement considered during the screening process. 

· Cognitive tests

· Achievement tests

· Parent/Teacher inventories

· Student Portfolio 

Download full Gifted & Talented brochure below.