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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is the most critical component of employee well-being at Advantage Academy. The HR Department is responsible for the personnel of the school, dealing with various employee policies, and training of new personnel. The HR Department works diligently to meet employee needs, provide development opportunities, and increase employee satisfaction. The HR staff performs many-many duties behind the scenes but are often the first staff members potential employees meet.

The HR Department is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and retaining the most qualified faculty and staff, fulfilling the personnel needs of the school, and matching candidates to the right job within the company. This department is critical in maintaining the quality of staff and ensuring that the employees “are a fit.” This department must ensure that employee turnover is low and that morale and productivity are high. It is critical that department personnel keep their composure and maintain their professionalism because of potential stressful or antagonistic situations.  

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the following and includes: Director, Staffing administrator, HR Specialist, Department Assistant, and Campus Liaisons

·       Recruitment and retention

·       Employee regulations and administration

·       New employee orientation

·       work force compliance

·       Skills development and tracking

·       Employee performance

·       Attendance tracking

·       State and federal law compliance