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Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by. 
I am a believer of One, a wife to one, a mom of six, and a teacher to many.  My early childhood was very hard at home and at school, and I was bullied a lot.  Because of this, it is important to me to help kids understand how powerful their words and actions can be.  My goal is for kids to make the right choices even when no one is looking.      
When I am not running kids around or watching Law and Order SVU, you might catch me writing a poem or working on one of my books.  I have finished a book and am working on another one.  However, Saturday afternoons are always reserved for my family.  I enjoy going to garage sales and always welcome a dinner out with my husband.
If you walk into my classroom, you will normally see students working in collaborative groups.  I like for students to have academic discussions in order to learn from each other.  When students talk about topics, they learn so much more about those topics than if I stand up in front of the class talking to the students.  You might also find my class a little more relaxed at times.  It is important to me that kids have fun in my class, so they want to learn.  I also take time to teach life lessons.  I want them to know the importance of making better choices outside of the classroom and looking toward the future.  
Teaching for me is a second career.  Once I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I worked in behavioral health with adults and children. Afterwards, I continued my education and obtained my Master of Science in Psychology and followed up with my teaching certificate.  I am now about to embark on my fifth year as an English Language Arts and Reading teacher. In addition to holding a highly qualified teaching certificate, I am a certified Gifted and Talented teacher.  I was also chosen as teacher of the Month for March of 2019 which was a huge honor for me.