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About  Me: name is Ms.Thompkins and I am the 8th grade ELAR teacher at Advantage. I have an Associates in Journalism from Angelina College and a Bachelor's of Communication from the University of Lamar. I previously worked as a Reporter for 3 years in which I then decided to pursue my Teachers certification in Journalism/English. I have worked within the school system for the last 6 years and this is my 3rd year as an English teacher.  



My Class: I feel that school is a place where students should be able to come and feel safe, and a place where they can gain the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed within school and beyond. A place where they can gain the knowledge to read and write. Something they will need no matter what career choice they decide to pursue. In my class, students are given the opportunity to  express themselves through writing. These writing skills are combined with the opportunity to increase their reading and writing skills to advance their education needed for their future, and to meet the requirements for state curriculum. 


I can be reached anytime by email at shemeka.thompkins@advantageacademy.org , I look forward to another great year of learning! 



Advantage Academy Vision

For every student to live with Wisdom, Purpose and Victory by instilling  America’s founding principles of knowledge, character and leadership.


Seven Pillars of a Champion

Integrity, Humility, Authority, Stability, Community, Prosperity, Victory


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