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Mrs. Parkerson

About Me:
I am a dedicated teacher that is determined to help all of my students grow. I really enjoy science documentaries and I appreciate going to museums to learn about the history and development of science.
My Interest:
Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our dog.
About My Class:
As a teacher, we have expectations. Along with abiding by the district rules and procedures. I expect students to allow me to teach, so that they can learn. Students must remain in their assigned seat unless granted permission by an adult. Students must control their voice level within the classroom setting. Students must understand that phone/ electronic devices are prohibited. Students must have an understanding that the word no means no. Students must understand that they must clean up after themselves. Lastly, students must watch their word choice, which includes racist comments. I expect the students to have an understanding that they must act professionally also.
Teaching Experience:
Texas A&M University-Commerce January 2013-December 2016
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
Concentration: Science Education 4-8
I have 2 years of experience as a middle school science teacher: two years as a 7th grade science teacher and 1 year as an 8th grade science teacher. I have 6 months experience as a science teacher’s aide. I have 1 year long experience of an internship and residency program for middle school science and elementary mathematics. I have 6 months experience as a math intervention specialist for 3rd through 5th grade math. I have 6 years of experience as a science and math tutor.
Special Areas of Interest: I love all of the sciences, but I especially love astronomy and physics and how it can apply in our everyday lives.

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