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District Emergency Response Plan


Parents and Guardians,

Advantage Academy recognizes its responsibility to effectively manage campus emergencies. For this purpose, a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan (ERP) has been developed.  The Plan has been established and approved by the Board of Directors and is promulgated under the authority of the Superintendent and the school’s Safety Director.  All decisions concerning the discontinuation of school functions, cancellation of classes or cessation of operations rest with the Superintendent. The Advantage Academy ERP is consistent with standard emergency response practices and therefore places the highest priority on protecting human life.  Plan critical personnel maintain and exercise standard responses and procedures and are responsible for managing and coordinating all phases of the plan. The school will cooperate with federal, state and local emergency management agencies and local emergency responders in the execution of its emergency response plan and in assisting and supporting these agencies. 

The Plan is based on a realistic assessment of potential emergency situations that could affect a school campus, and of available personnel and their capability to respond to emergency situations.  The Plan’s basic management elements address Planning, Preparing and Responding which collectively are intended to protect lives and to lessen the impact and duration of any emergency situation or unforeseen event. The ERP establishes the responses, procedures, and personnel responsibilities necessary to manage an emergency that may cause harm to students, staff or visitors or that may cause a significant disruption to school operations. 


Click PDF attachments below for: ERP Overview and Summary and ERP Awareness for Parents