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Substitute FAQ's

The decision to become an Advantage Academy substitute teacher is not one that should be made lightly. Anyone considering this employment opportunity should have as much information as is available regarding what is required both to become a substitute and to succeed as an AA substitute. Substitute teaching assignments are filled via an HR specialist operated system called SAS. 

Substitute Teacher Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why would someone want to be an Advantage Academy substitute teacher?

A: Many individuals who are thinking about teaching as a career may want to work as a substitute teacher to gain insight into the teaching profession. Retired teachers often want to continue to teach and work with children. Some people have a desire to share in the exhilaration that comes from the teaching/learning experience.

Q: What is expected of a substitute teacher?

A: The essential roles and responsibilities of the substitute teacher are detailed in the Substitute Teacher Quick Reference. Substitute teachers are expected to carry out two responsibilities: follow the regular teachers' lesson plans, and maintain discipline in the classroom at a level in which learning can take place. Additional expectations and responsibilities will be outlined and communicated in several forms.

Q:  What are the requirements to be a substitute teacher?

A:  You must have at least a high school diploma or GED.  Persons on the approved substitute list with a teaching certificate or a degree from a four-year college or university in an area and or those who have experience in the education field will be called for jobs first.

Q: Can I send in my resume instead of an application?

A: No. Filling out an Employment Application is a District requirement and is the document used for checking qualifications and selecting individuals for interviews. Resumes may be attached or brought to an interview for additional information.

Q: What are the steps in becoming a substitute teacher?

A: If your application is accepted you’ll be invited to attend substitute orientation. During this orientation you will be interviewed, given information about AA and receive orientation training.

Q: Why do I have to attend an Orientation?

A: All AA substitutes must attend orientation training. Orientation may include the basics of classroom management, teaching strategies, the educational process, and the roles and responsibilities of an AA substitute teacher. Policy and Procedure sessions focus on basic school guidelines.

Q:  What grade levels or subjects can I teach as a substitute?

A: Substitutes may choose to teach any subject or at any grade level they feel comfortable and competent teaching. However, you may from time to time be asked to accept assignments outside of his/her background, educational training or indicated preferences. Substitutes may also be asked to cover classes during a planning period.

Q: How will substitute teachers know the campus/classroom procedures?

A: As part of our process, detailed information is obtained at each campus and provided to substitute teachers to ensure they are well prepared to enter the classroom.

Q: Can substitute teachers expect support from the Campus staff? 

A: Substitute teachers can expect a high degree of support and assistance from all school personnel. Everyone at AA is dedicated to the success of our students and as a substitute you are vital to that success. If at any time you need help in the classroom, do not hesitate to contact a nearby teacher or campus administrator.

Q: How much does AA pay substitute teachers?

A: Substitute pay starts at $64.00 per day for non-degreed non-certified substitutes; $75.00 per day for degreed non-certified; $80.00 per day for degreed and certified; and $125.00 per day for extended assignments*. Substitutes are paid at the end of each month. * Please contact HR for terms and conditions of extended assignments.

Q: Do I need to keep track of or record my hours/workdays?

A: Yes. It is your responsibility to complete a time sheet and it should reflect accurate hours and days worked. You should also keep personal records/copies of your days/hours worked to reconcile payroll statements.

Q: Do substitutes qualify for extended pay?

A: All questions regarding extended pay should be directed to the school’s HR Department.

Q: Do substitutes receive health benefits?

A: Yes. If you work at least 10 hours in any given week you immediately become eligible for benefit coverage. Please contact the school’s Business Department for details concerning substitute health benefits.

Q: Will the school hire substitute teachers full-time?

A: Yes. Some substitute teachers may be hired by Advantage Academy! You will be notified by the school’s HR Department if a full-time position becomes available. You may be required to complete the school’s interview and selection process. A Substitutes “Placement” will be considered when a full-time teaching position becomes available.

Q: What is “Placement”?

A: Placement is where Substitutes are ranked in the Substitute Assignment System (SAS). Available substitutes will receive an assignment call when the SAS gets to your placement in the system. SAS placement is based on the number of “declines”, “cancellations” and/or “inadequate service reports” AA receives concerning your assignments.

Q: Can I be disqualified from work?

A: Yes. The SAS may disqualify you if: you decline 5 assignments; cancel 3 assignments; or receive 2 inadequate service reports.  Substitute teachers are required to accept the assignment provided/offered to them. Substitute teachers must adhere to AA employment agreements.

Q: What is SAS?

A: SAS (Substitute Assignment System) is the system used by AA to fill its substitute teaching assignments. The SAS operator is your connection to Advantage Academy. Please call the SAS number whenever you need information, clarification, or if you need to cancel an assignment.

Q: What hours will I be required to work?

A: Reporting time for all substitute teachers is 7:30 a.m. If you receive an assignment call after 7:30 a.m., you are required to report to that assignment within 2 hours of accepting the assignment.

Q: Can I request the days I am available or want to work?

A: Yes. However, you must be available for assignment on the days you indicate. If you must report yourself “unavailable” please call the Substitute Assignment System as soon as possible.

Q: What do I do if I’m going to be late to my assignment?

A: As soon as you realize you’re going to be late you must call the Substitute Assignment System. The SAS Operator will call the campus office to inform them that you are on your way. 

Q: Do substitutes have to teach at all the District campuses?

A: No. Substitutes can teach at all Advantage Academy campuses or be campus selective. However, you may from time to time be asked to accept assignments at another campus. To better serve our students and District needs, substitutes are encouraged to be flexible and to work or be available for assignments at all campuses.

Q: Do I need to keep my contact and personnel information current?

A: Yes. In order to keep your contact information current, you should inform the Substitute Assignment System of any change of address or telephone numbers.

Q: Do I need to fill out the Letter of Reasonable Assurance and mail back to HR?

A: Yes. You must complete the Letter of Reasonable Assurance and return in the mail. The LRA will be mailed to you at the end of the school year. You need only complete your renewal once a year and submission deadline must be adhered to. Please keep a copy of your LRA for your records.

Q: What if there’s a change to my qualifications?

A: It is your responsibility to inform the HR Department of any changes to your credentials. Failure to do so could affect you receiving assignments.