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Preparing for Graduation

Graduation requirements

Students must complete the 22 credits required by the Foundation High School Program, and earn four endorsement credits for a total of 26 credits.  Student must also pass the following End-of-Course exams:


  • Algebra I
  • Biology
  • English I
  • English II
  • U.S. History

This is considered the Foundation High School Program Plus Endorsement graduation plan.To be considered for top ten percent and automatic admission to Texas public universities a student must earn a Distinguished Level of Achievement diploma.


Students will meet with their counselor to determine their own Personal Graduation Plan (PGP).



An endorsement is like a career path or area of focus. Students earn an endorsement by completing a clear sequence of courses in one of the five endorsement areas. 8th grade students select an endorsement in the spring when they meet with their counselor to create a Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) for high school. Students may change their initial endorsement at a later time. Students should speak with their counselor for more information. Students

must earn at least one endorsement unless otherwise determined by a parent conference after the student's sophomore year.


The endorsement options offered by Advantage Academy include:


STEM                                            Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Business and Industry                   Office or Multi-media