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Marketing/Public Relations

The main goal of this department is to enhance the company’s reputation. This department works to give the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works. It is also known as a public information or customer relations department. PR helps the company to achieve at its full potential.
AA expects its marketing efforts to come from its own customers, including the implementation of marketing through a more direct and personal approach to getting the word out about the school, the mission and the product. AA does not simply rely on normal advertising, media, television, radio, etc., but expects its campuses and stakeholders to create advertisement through drama, dance, music, acting and personal one-to-one approaches. Marketing in today’s world has a direct link to the internet. The marketing department is responsible to keep the company in the face of the public through its website and other outlets. An awareness of the need should be continually communicated.
Includes Department Director and campus liaisons
  • Website, telephone system
  • School Messenger parent contact system
  • Student enrollment
  • Advertising
  • Public and media communications
  • Keeping the message
  • Sign, logos and all marketing materials
  • After School Care Program