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School Officers

Tonya Williams, Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Williams has been a part of Advantage Academy since 2003.  The various areas to which she's served are: 5th grade Self-contained teacher, 6th - 8th grade Mathematics teacher, Site Director, Campus Principal, and Director of Academics.
Ms. Williams is a graduate of University of Louisiana at Monroe.  She believes the educational realm needs "passionately-committed leaders". These individuals are humble and full of contagious energy and enthusiasm for learning. They are goal-driven, motivating and possess the ability to problem-solve and take calculated risks in order to educate our future leaders of tomorrow.
Task completion with proven results through hard-work, collaboration, and positive partnerships is what Ms. Williams exemplifies and promotes on a daily basis at Advantage Academy. Establishing professional rapport and relationships with the district, campus faculty, and staff is where you can always find Ms. Williams at her best. Her mind is constantly focused on progress, academic excellence, and "Building Champions with a Future and a Hope." 
Ms. Williams believes in the love and happiness of family. To this, her favorite verse is, “If I can help someone along the way, then my living won't be in vain." 

James K. McDonald, Chief Operations Officer
Mr. McDonald oversees various school departments, including Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing & Public Relations and Student Discipline/Safety.  Since his beginning with Advantage Academy, he has developed many new systems and programs, such as the Student Discipline Program, the Emergency Response Plan and the School’s Athletic Program.


The Operations Officer is responsible for policy & systems development, quality control and procedure-process implementation and compliance.  Mr. McDonald feels strongly that it takes good people, discipline, hard work and a strong belief system as well as established policies and procedures to help an organization succeed and work like a well-oiled machine.


Mr. McDonald served four years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electricians mate, stationed in California, Japan and the Philippines. He spent extended periods of time in Hawaii and Hong Kong and visited many other exotic locations and countries during his service. This experience has given him the understanding and knowledge to work with many diverse cultures.  After his time in the military, Mr. McDonald worked in the technology field throughout Arizona and California and operated a small relocation business for many years in the San Diego area.


Mr. McDonald and his wife Angie reside in Midlothian, Texas where they enjoy time with their two children. Traveling and just spending time together as family highlight their lives.