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The Operations Division is primarily responsible for the overall operations of the school’s support system, including safety, security and logistics. It is charged with designing and overseeing the processes of production and operation in areas of school service. It involves the responsibility of converting materials and labor into services while ensuring operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting district requirements. The mission of the Operations Division is to discover, develop, and validate new policies, procedures, and processes in all areas of the school while improving quality and productivity.

The Superintendent, School Officers, and Division Directors shape the strategy of the school, while Operations makes tactical decisions in support of carrying out that strategy. The Division and its Departments act under tight restrictions in order to facilitate the demands required to service all stakeholders, including students, parents, employees and others on a daily basis. All Operations services of the school are maintained by highly capable professionals with diverse training and skills. All Operations personnel work with a focused interest which is central to the vitality of the school and the school community.

The Departments of the Operations Division are as follows and include: Directors, Administrators, Coordinators and Managers

• Human Resources
• Maintenance/Facilities/Security
• Marketing/Public Relations
• Information Technology
• Student Discipline/Safety