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Parent Packet PK-12 2020-2021

PK-12 Parent/Staff Packet Information 

2020-2021 School Year as of 8/14/20


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Superintendent video
 Video update from the Superintendent (English &  Español)

Instruction & academic expectations, learning

Expectations for each learning model & roles

2020-2021 Instructional Models

Instructional Roles for all Learning Environments PDF

Learning Options Form
  • Submit the English OR Spanish mobile friendly form below for each of your Advantage Academy students within 3 days of enrollment or August 24, 2020 whichever is later. Please select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form after you complete it.

Virtual Meet the Teacher and Orientation Meetings - Zoom -  Meet the Teacher & Orientation Nights are scheduled during the last (2) weeks of August. We hope all parents can attend your campus zoom meetings (download your home campus dates, times and zoom links below). During the Online Communications, parents will be told about Google Classroom (grades 3 and above) and SeeSaw (grades PK-2) as well as expectations for the first week of school and beyond. These will be the learning management systems for Advantage Academy learners. All learners, whether at school, online, or combination, will be learning in the same system. 

  • Online Learning - Invitations will be given to students through email for their Google classrooms or SeeSaw classes. Parents will be sent the same invitation through Remind (download free smartphone App) Students will accept the invitation and log into their virtual classroom before August 31st. (New students who do not have a device prior to the first day of school may join their virtual class after picking up their device). Instructions will be given in Google Classroom or SeeSaw about how to join live learning and submit work from home  

  • Student Attendance Attendance Information With the pandemic still occurring, this year’s attendance will be much different from the past.  With three models of learning, attendance for each one will be taken differently.  However, the expectations for learning will be the same.  Students and parents each have responsibilities in order to be successful. Students must be engaged in learning on a daily basis. Students must make progress in each subject. Regardless of the learning model the student selects, all students are expected to adhere to the Minimum Attendance for Class Credit (at least 90% of the days the class is offered). Failure to attend 90% of the scheduled class days in each semester may result in loss of credit and/or not be advanced to the next grade. Students will face truancy charges, if the student is absent from school or does not complete daily online tasks during the attendance taking period. The state determines attendance for the day based on whether students are present in 3rd period 10:00am+- (according to Advantage Academy’s yearly academic schedule).

  • Technology - Advantage Academy will loan all students an electronic device. The electronic device, which is the property of Advantage Academy, is being provided to students so they can participate in online learning. For device pickup, parents/guardians will need to bring a current valid government ID. Equipment will only be checked out to the student’s parent or guardian. Returning Students: Parent/Guardians will be able to pick up their hardware the week of August 17-21 by setting up an appointment at this link:

  • New Students: Parents/Guardians will receive their hardware & student AA email address & login info on the first day of school Monday, 8/31/20 between 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m at their student(s) home campus. 
  • School Supply lists - English & Español PDF versions for download Due to COVID-19, some items may be required to be kept at home for online learning, for in-school or for those in hybrid, bring to school the 1st day of in-person school. 
  • New Student Referral Incentive - Any current parent or staff member will receive a $100 Walmart gift card for each new AA student they refer. New Student Referral Incentive

  • Parent Portal Access & Security Code - If you did not create your account in the past, this information will be provided to parents when you are provided a technology device. If you are not receiving a device, this information can be mailed or emailed to you at a later date..

  • Emergency calls, report cards, etc. - Please fill out the parent contact form below if there have been any address, email or phone number changes since you enrolled or anytime in the future. Use this form all year for changes so we can continue to reach you for emergencies, teacher calls, report cards, etc. or contact the campus registrar/attendance staff.   
Main Communication tools 
  • School Messenger - Sign up to manage your School Messenger account to manage & view school/district messages to you or other family members and review past messages. You may call 214.276.5839 for questions (this system does not change your information in the school’s records, contact your registrar/attendance). 

  • Campus e-Newsletters - emailed to parents email on file each month beginning in October

  • Student Schedules - schedules will be ready by August 19th for high school students at the GPE campus weekdays 8am-4pm. Students may pick up their schedule when they pick up their devices or see the GPE campus registrar at the main office to get a copy. For PK - 8th grade, parents may pick up schedules starting on August 17th when they pick up devices. Parents may also pick up schedules from the campus Registrar at the main building of their campus.  If parents have access to the online parent portal, students can also see their child’s schedule.

School Hours & Calendar

Student Services Department 

  • Food Service 2020-2021 - all PK-12 students will receive a free breakfast & lunch. Ice cream is $1 per serving.  2020-2021 School Lunch Talk Information. We are now introducing Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). What is (CEP) and what does it mean for Advantage Academy families? CEP is a school meal funding option of the National School Lunch Program that enables schools to provide FREE meals to ALL students.  Regardless of the household income. CEP eliminates the out-of-pocket costs of school meals for all families and reduces stigma for students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals. CEP eliminates any concerns of unpaid school meal debt; helps families make ends meet at a time when many are facing loss of jobs and reduced wages. CEP eliminates having to give a student an alternate meal because the meal balance has exceeded the limit and/or the student cannot pay. We are excited about providing healthy nutritional FREE school meals to our Advantage Academy students for the next 4 years.  For any questions and/or concerns please contact our Child Nutrition Department at 214.276.5848.

  • Immunizations - Announcements - School vaccination rules are in effect for the 2020-2021 school year regardless of whether the education is received via virtual learning or on campus, or notarized exemption certificate on file PRIOR to the start of school.Information regarding school vaccination rules for the 2020-2021 school year is located on the DSHS Immunization Unit COVID-19 School Updates

  • Immunization Locations & Screening Newsletter Newsletter

  • Sports (6th-12th) - Due to COVID-19, sports have been postponed until further notice. The Texas charter athletic league has cancelled all events, we are hoping to resume this program as soon as safely possible.

  • After School Enrichment Program  -  PK-8 (full time or PM PK only @ ND, WAX & GPW)  $75/month + $25/registration per child. $65/month +25/registration per child (AA Staff discount). All payments must be made in with a credit or debit card

  • Before School Program Information - Free 6:30 am until breakfast begins. (GPW, ND, WAX PK-8 full-time & am PK only). Although this is a free program, students must be pre-registered using the same registration form below. Registration & payments open on on Tuesday, 8/18/20

  • Before School and/or After School Registration Form 

Busing Cleanliness/Protocol - ND & GPE - Drivers and all students must wear masks. Buses are cleaned after each use (see AA school reentry protocol for more details on pages 22-24) Posted on


Mask Requirements 

  • PK-2nd grade will be required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, bathrooms and hallways. 3rd-12th grade students will be required to wear a mask all day except for eating and drinking. Teachers/Staff will wear appropriate face coverings at all times. Parents/Visitors/Volunteers will appropriately wear face coverings at all times. Students will not be required to wear face coverings while eating but must be distanced 6 feet apart.It may not be feasible for students to wear masks while participating in some extracurricular or other activities.

  • Parents are responsible for providing their child with face coverings. The school will provide a replacement should the one provided by the parent become lost or unusable during the school day.

  • Individual needs regarding face coverings will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations should be submitted to the school’s Student Services Director.

  • Teachers/staff will be provided with reusable face coverings by the school district. Additional protective equipment will be provided to school nurses/nurse aides for use in the clinic.

  • Approved face coverings include over the nose and must be: cloth face covering, non-medical grade disposable face mask or full-face shield to protect eyes, nose and mouth.

Preparing our campuses & for more details - please read our School reentry Protocol PDF

Uniform Dress Requirements for all in-class GPW, ND & WAX Students 

Online Students Dress Code


  • Must be presentable and school appropriate. Scholars are “not required” to wear uniforms for at-home learning.  Pajamas, sleepwear or other similar clothing are not permitted. Please feel free to reference our handbook, if necessary for support.


In School Student Dress Code
  • School Uniform Tops (shirts, blouses): Monday-Thursday - all GPW, ND & WAX on campus students are required to wear a standard approved school polo top w/AA logo by grade color: 6th-8th Navy Blue; 3rd-5th, Hunter Green; PK-2nd Red.

  • Friday Tops: Advantage Academy Spirit or approved School Club Shirt is required.

  • Spirit Shirts - Shirts may be purchased at $8/ea ($10/ea for 2X & up.)

  • Bottoms (Pants, Skirts, Shorts): All GPW, ND & WAX students are required to wear standard approved khaki (style and color) bottoms; worn at the natural waistline; sagging is not permitted. (zipperless pants & with no belt loops is recommended for Pre-K & 2nd.)

  • Friday Bottoms:  Jeans may be worn (Student pays $1.00). Jeans may not include writing; cuts; frays; or excessive fading.

  • Jean Pass - beginning 8/18/20 you may purchase a $25 yearly Friday Jean Passes sold in our online shopping cart. To purchase a jean pass, select the shopping cart icon on our website or go to to login to your account. Student 6 digit School ID is needed to create a MSB account (You may use one MSB account for all AA students in your family). New parents can use guest checkout if they do not have their students 6 digit School ID#.

Dress Code Requirements for all in-class GPE Secondary students

  • New Dress Code - GPE Secondary students are no longer required to wear school uniforms. Students must be in full compliance with all requirements. All dress must be school appropriate. Please visit the school’s website for more information concerning the New Secondary Dress and Grooming Code.

Policies and Handbooks Student-Parent Handbook, Student Code of Contact, Secondary Handbook

Uniform Polo & Spirit Shirt photos are located at the bottom of this page.




Preparation for Learning 


    • Be prepared for learning each day and have work and assignments completed and ready.
    • Complete coursework by deadline set by teachers.
    • For face-to-face learning: Take all materials and devices home each day in order to be prepared for possible school closure.
    • For hybrid learners: Have all materials and devices for at home and face-to-face learning


    • Access parent resources to learn how students will navigate Google Classroom.
    • For face-to-face learning:  Encourage your child to have their things in their backpack/device and ready for school the night before.
    • For at-home learners:  Create a designated place in your home for your student to use as their remote classroom.
    • For hybrid learners: Assist your child in being prepared for each day of learning the night before. Provide a distraction-free environment for at-home learning days. 


    • Meet weekly with collaborative team to plan instruction for all students. 
    • Utilize the district curriculum documents and follow the scope and sequence provided by the academic services department.
    • Upload “Week at a Glance video . Upload weekly instructional materials into Google Classroom.
    • Be prepared to teach daily lessons for face- to- face, remote and hybrid learners each day.
    • Take all materials and devices home each day in order to be prepared for possible school closure. 

Learning & Teaching Expectations


    • Attend classes according to school schedule (either face-to-face or remotely) and give your best efforts in your school assignments.
    • Participate in face-to-face learning activities or live synchronous virtual sessions as instructed by teachers.
    • Be organized in your work and in getting projects completed.
    • Ask questions and communicate with your teacher.
    • Be aware of what you should be learning each day.
    • Become familiar with the structure of Google Classroom and how your teacher organizes information.
    • Turn in assignments on time.


    • Access Parent Portal (grades 3-12) to view student grades.
    • Check in with student(s) to monitor completion of homework and assignments.
    • Discuss your child’s favorite part of their day and what they learned in school.
    • Support and encourage your learners
    • Provide your child with assistance on their day-to-day activities with the exception of designated independent work.
    • Consider creating a designated learning/study space for your child at home to learn comfortably.
    • Maintain communication with your child’s teacher by phone, email and/or online meetings to create a learning partnership and update personal information every grading period or sooner if there is a sudden change.
    • Monitor and ask for evidence that your child is on track with assignments and coursework.


    • Teach students how to access learning materials through Google Classroom or Seesaw. 
    • Provide face-to-face or live synchronous instruction and facilitate learning throughout the day.
    • Manage online and offline resources to provide consistency and routines for students. 
    • Provide clear learning goals for students.
    • Follow the expectations established across the district for Google Classroom.
    • Check student assignments in a timely manner and give feedback in verbal or written form at a weekly minimum to provide next steps or necessary academic intervention/extension. 
    • Post grades in a timely manner according to district grading guidelines.
    • Ensure open lines of communication between teachers, students, and parents as we work together to ensure each student is academically and socially-emotionally future ready. 

Support and Intervention


    • Attend intervention/tutorial sessions as established by your teacher or school.
    • Hybrid learners have the opportunity to attend face-to face tutorials/ intervention sessions on campus day and remote learning days.


    • Allow your child to attend intervention/tutorial sessions as needed.
    • Assist in supporting your child’s needs by establishing and managing the daily schedule communicated by the teacher.
    • Help your child own their learning. Provide support and encouragement and expect your children to do their part.


    • Provide intervention or tutorial sessions as needed.
    • Follow student IEPs / 504 accommodations in all learning environments. 
    • Use data to pinpoint students’ specific needs for enrichment and intervention.
    • Monitor student progress with fidelity according to recommendations.
    • Provide and communicate office hours or conference period for student/parent support. 
    • Attend and participate in professional learning.