teacher, parents and 2 students on parent night

Student Discipline/Safety

Student Discipline 

Student Discipline Administrators are responsible for ensuring that the school’s discipline system or Student Code of Conduct procedures are implemented by teachers and administrators and followed or adhered to by our students, on a daily basis. SDA’s and all campus employees have a professional obligation to maintain a safe educational environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn without interference or disruption. The Student Discipline motto is: Safe, Fair, Firm and Consistent. Student Discipline Administrators also provide classroom management (discipline component) instruction and support to teachers. 

The Student Discipline Department focuses on the facts that are presented about a particular discipline situation on a case by case basis and does not discriminate based on color, age, creed or gender. All Students are entitled to fair treatment through an established process of discipline and school rule enforcement including punishment or consequences applied. Therefore, students will receive Due Process or in other words “an opportunity to speak and be heard concerning discipline situations or issues.” Advantage Academy’s discipline and classroom management systems provide numerous opportunities of redirection so that students spend less time out of the classroom, enabling them to continue their studies and become successful. 

Student Discipline personnel include:  The Chief Operations Officer and Student Discipline Administrators

  • Classroom Management Support
  • Redirection
  • Low-Level Discipline Counseling
  • Parent Conferences
  • Discipline System Referrals
  • CPI
  • Investigations



Student Discipline Administrators are not only entrusted with student discipline but also administer the Districts safety regulations, procedures and processes. The SDA’s are responsible for the safety of all students, parents, visitors and staff as well as the campus as a whole. Their duties and obligations include:  a) The school’s Emergency Response Plan - preparation, drills, and actual incidents; b) The Visitor Management System or Raptor; c) Facility and Grounds alarm/video surveillance monitoring; d) Electronic access card/key distribution; and e) All monthly safety inspections.