Secondary Handbook

Students and Parents:
High school is an exciting and challenging time and is a time for planning for the future.  This should be considered a serious undertaking by both parents and students.  High school is the beginning point in a line of many important decisions. 
Some students are sure of their future plans from the day they enter high school; others are not.  It is also common for young people to change their minds about their course and career choices.  This is a time not only to discover more about your interests, strengths and weaknesses, but also to begin thinking and dreaming big about future plans.
There are many things to consider.  Will you continue your education by attending a 4-year college, 2-year college or trade school?  Do you want to learn a specific career skill and are you planning on earning an endorsement?  Will your career choice require specialized training or even more than 4 years of college?  How will you pay for college?  Do you need a scholarship to help pay for college? 
These questions and many more are important to the decisions that you make over your high school years.  Remember to choose courses that will challenge you and also will set you on a path of success. 
Your time in high school will go quickly and each semester is very important.  We want you to enjoy your high school experience.  So do have fun, but take each day seriously!