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Our 7 Pillars of Character and Leadership

Integrity - The honesty, truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions; uprightness
• Consistency of values, principles, expectations and outcomes
• Having strong moral principles
Humility - The modest view of one’s own importance; lack of false pride
• The quality of being respectful
• Possessing a willingness to listen and learn; the state of being meek
Authority - An accepted role of influence; administrative
• A person or group of people possessing the expressed role of leadership
• The right to make decisions, act or delegate
Stability - The quality of being steadfast and/or firm; consistency of purpose
• Reliable and dependable; having strength or security
• Resistance to deterioration or displacement
Community - Practicing shared values and interest; of group
• An alliance linked by a common goal or purpose
• People empowered with knowledge and the skills needed to effect change

Prosperity - A state of well-being; to thrive or to be healthy
• Encompassing happiness and favorable conditions
• The result of being a good financial manager
Victory - To overcome and win; achievement of conquest; to triumph
• Overall success against opposition or difficulties
• Significant or spectacular accomplishment