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If a child is experiencing learning difficulties, the parent may contact the schools Special Programs Department to learn about the district’s screening system for special services. This system links students to a variety of support options, including referral to RTI (response to intervention), and possible special education and/or 504 evaluation.

Students having difficulty in the regular classroom should be considered for RTI, tutoring, enrichment, and other academic or behavior support services. The implementation of RTI has the potential to have a positive impact on the school’s ability to meet the needs of all struggling students.

At any time, a parent is entitled to request an evaluation for special program services. Within a reasonable amount of time, the district must decide if the student meets criteria for a special education, formal evaluation or 504 qualifying disability. If an evaluation is needed, the parent will be notified and asked to provide informed written consent for the evaluation. The district must complete special education evaluations and the completed disability report within 45 school days of the date the district receives the written consent. The district must give a copy of the evaluation report to the parent.

If the district determines that a special education evaluation is not needed, the district will provide the parent with prior written notice that explains why the child will not be evaluated. This written notice will include a statement that informs the parents of their rights, if they disagree with the district. The district is required to give parents the Notice of Procedural Safeguards—Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities. Additional information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is available from the school district in a companion document, A Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Process.

Parents may contact the district’s Special Programs Department to learn about the district’s referral and/or screening systems or to obtain other information. The following web sites provide information to those who are seeking information and resources specific to students with disabilities and their families:

·         Texas Project First, at http://www.texasprojectfirst.org 

  Texas Transition and Employment Guide https://www.transitionintexas.org/page/143

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