Student Code of Conduct

The district is required by law to define misconduct that must or may result in a range of specified disciplinary consequences which includes removals from regular classroom or extracurricular settings, suspensions and expulsion from the school district. Advantage Academy’s Student Code of Conduct is intended to promote and enhance a positive learning environment and contains important information that students and parents must know to ensure a safe, successful and rewarding school year for their child. 
The Advantage Academy Student Code of Conduct contains information regarding district standards of conduct, consequences for misconduct and procedures for administering discipline. The Student Code of Conduct provides discipline methods and options for administrators and teachers while managing students in the classroom, on or off school property, disciplining students and circumventing or preventing student behavioral problems.
The Student Code of Conduct is intended to promote adherence to district, campus, classroom and school sponsored activities policies and procedures. This Code has been adopted and approved by the school’s Board of Directors in accordance with state and local law and is hereby established as a standard for student conduct and safe learning environment consistent with Advantage Academy’s vision and mission. 
The contents of the Student Code of Conduct shall apply to all students, employees, parents, guardians, visitors and all other persons associated with or having business with a specific school campus or other location including the school’s district offices. The Student/Parent Handbook is designed to work in conjunction with this handbook and should also be referenced for other important information.
Advantage Academy reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw, add to, modify or amend this handbook’s provisions at its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice.