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Student-Parent Handbook

The Student/Parent Handbook has been designed as a resource for basic information that students and parents need to know during the course of the academic school year. We encourage you to take some time to review each section of the handbook. The Student/Parent Handbook is designed to work in harmony with the Student Code of Conduct and is available for viewing at each Campus Office. Some important information will appear in each publication. This handbook is updated periodically while policy adoption and revisions occur throughout the year as required and/or needed.
This publication is updated at least annually with policy adoptions and revisions ongoing throughout the school year as required and/or needed. Advantage Academy reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw, add to, modify or amend this handbook’s provisions at its sole discretion, at any time, with or without notice. The contents of this publication are not contractual and do not give rise to a claim of breach of contract against the school district, campus, school employees or administrators.
Both students and parents should make themselves familiar with Advantage Academy’s Student Code of Conduct, which is a handbook approved by the school’s Board of Directors that includes school rules, regulations and procedures that are designed to promote the safe orderly operation of the school’s campuses in order to enhance an atmosphere of learning and academic gain. Student discipline measures, including infractions and consequences, are also included.
The term “the student’s parent/guardian” is used to refer to the parent, legal guardian, or any other person(s) who have agreed to assume school-related or legal responsibility for the student. After reading through the entire handbook, keep it available as a reference. If you have questions about any of the material contained in this handbook, please feel free to contact your Site Principal for clarification.