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Success Stories

The following testimony is from a student who has been in Partnering Pals since 2010. 
Hello, my name is Sara, 
Having a mentor in my life has changed my life and my way of thinking. I loved art (and still do) but my grades in school were horrible and I didn’t really act like the young lady I was.  
When I first got my mentor, I was keeping things inside and not saying a lot about myself. At the time I was also drawing pictures of my anger that I held in. When I started to talk with my mentor about my problems, my drawings became more beautiful. Like a tree slowly growing, my grades started turning from 50s to 82s and I have been working on my manners, on how I look, and how I act ever since talking with my mentor. I learned so many things and so has my mentor. I am thankful because if it wasn’t for my mentor I would be unladylike physically and mentally and failing with no care for anything. I am also thankful for the fact that I have someone to talk to and to pray with me. 
I recommend a mentor to any child with a troubled life like mine. A mentor will change your life and state of thinking no matter how stubborn you might be. I am living proof…if my mentor can change my life…then a mentor can change yours.
Sara said from entering high school with no interest in graduating that soon to enter her junior year she is looking forward to graduating and going on to college to develop her gifting in art.
The following testimony is from a Junior who has been in the Heart and Home mentoring program called Partnering Pals since 2012. 
Hi my name is Sam. I guess it all started the week of January 22, 2012. I was 15 and acting as if everything was fine, but in reality, everything seemed to be falling apart. I had entered a dark point in my life. I had let small mounds turn into mountains. It was the same routine every day. Painting a smile on my face in the public and taking it off when I was alone. People around me started to notice the change that was happening. At that point in my life I only wanted one thing, to end my life. I had considered death to end the stress and pain.
By that Thursday, the school found out and that’s when I met my mentor. Finally, someone I could talk to and listen to. Someone I could relate to. My mentor is one on the most awesome incredible people I have ever met. She has encouraged me to do so much and has given me advice for me to use and follow. I know that I can trust her with my life and know that I’ll be okay. 
The mentoring program has done so much to impact me in my life. I thank God everyday for having my mentor by my side on my journey through life. She has been a big inspiration to me. Now, I’ve been a little more than a year through trials and tests, but I can talk to my mentor and pray to God for help. I can’t thank or repay the mentoring program enough for helping me and giving me a strong support team. Most importantly, I thank God for an AWESOME Mentor. 

Sam has said  …he now feels like God has called him to be a youth pastor and is making his plans to achieve this calling.

The following testimony is from a senior who has been in the Heart and Home mentoring program called Partnering Pals since 2011. 
Hello my name is Terri and I call this “A Wonderful Experience.”  
When I was introduced to this mentoring program I didn’t know what I was really getting myself into but something told me that it would be worth my while, and it was that and more. I can honestly say that there was not one time that I felt out of place and not welcomed. I have been welcomed with open arms and I couldn’t image a better person than Mrs. Dotson to be my mentor. 
Never had I been able to connect with a person like I connect with her, and that is very important when taking on the role of being a mentor. I have grown to love this program so much that it pains me to leave it. I know that I may never be in such a loving caring program again but this experience will always be in my heart. 
Never will I forget the generosity that was continuously given to me on so many different levels. I pray that God blesses each and every one of you abundantly just for being such a blessing in my life. 
This is definitely what I would recommend to any parent. I know every parent wants their child t feel safe and loved and I have truly felt that way. I thank you so much for letting me be a part of the phenomenal mentoring program and I will definitely tell others of your kindness and generosity.
Terri was our first graduating senior and was also our first recipient of our first scholarship given from Heart and Home Ministries Inc.

Alondra - Student
The following testimony is from a student who has been in the Heart and Home mentoring program called Partnering Pals  since the fall of 2012.
Hello, my name is Alondra,  
When I signed up for a mentor in 2nd grade, I did not really know what that meant. Having a mentor the past five years has helped me in so many ways. Just having someone to listen to me when things aren't going so well at home makes such a difference. I feel blessed to have a caring mentor who takes time for me and encourages me to be everything I can be. Having a mentor is unforgettable. She believes in me and that helps me to believe in myself, which is hard because I struggle with self esteem. My mentor tells me I can succeed and go to college and that it is not just a dream. I believe her now!

Marsha - Mentor 
I just want to say that I believe Saturday's "Partnering Pal" Pizza Party was a great success.  Everyone had a good time with pizza, ice cream, games and even a special recognition.   We MUST have another time of just the mentor and men-tee getting together. Everyone was relaxed and had a wonderful bonding time.  I was sooooo excited to see how we have grown over the years.  We filled up the entire long table!!!   
Thanks for another great year and much success.....