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One of the most important things you can do to succeed in life is to attend school regularly. Truancy means missing school without permission. It includes missing a full day of school or skipping a class. It is another term for unexcused absence. You might think that skipping school once or twice is no big deal, but regular school attendance is the law. Frequently ditching school is a sign that a student may need help. Left unchecked, truancy can have strong negative effects on a person’s life. Going to school makes a difference. Chronic absenteeism leads to delinquency. When a child is habitually truant this is usually an indicator of underlying issues, which can result in educational failure, social isolation and delinquent activity. When a child does not regularly attend school, he/she is at risk for dropping out of school, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Regular and punctual attendance is the greatest factor in school success; therefore, a student and their parent’s first concern should be to attend school and assigned classes regularly and on time. Advantage Academy recognizes the positive correlation between regular school attendance and achievement. A student’s academic success is in direct relation to their attendance and absences and tardiness have detrimental effects on their grades. The primary responsibility for attendance rests with students and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

The primary ingredient of the learning process is direct instruction from the teacher and the interaction between students and teachers within the classroom. Being absent or tardy unnecessarily from school impairs a student’s opportunity to succeed in studies and also indirectly encourages the development of poor attitudes toward schoolwork and other obligations.

Communication between students, parents and school district personnel is important to understanding how attendance plays a role in a student’s overall academic success. We must all work together for your child(ren) and our students to have the best educational experience possible and to take advantage of all the available opportunities.