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August 21, 2020 - Re:  North Duncanville/SW Dallas; Grand Prairie East and Grand Prairie West Campuses

Dear ND, GPW & GPE Parent/Guardian,

This week, the School Public Health and Education Committee, lead by Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas County, has indicated the following based on several sources of data:

 “At the current high level of spread of infection within the Dallas County area, we recommend schools offer virtual learning only at this time.”

We have reviewed the county’s most updated information and have considered all data related to learning choices and the potential for campus closures. We ask the parents to look very closely at the information provided by the Dallas County committee, when considering the right decision for your child and family.  We believe that the decision whether to have your child attend school virtually while at-home or whether to have them attend in-school learning is a decision that parents and families should make when possible.  We are continuing to put measures in place to mitigate the spread of the virus and we are taking the health and safety of students, parents, and staff very seriously. We also understand the needs that some families have for in-school learning due to lack of child supervision, internet connectivity issues, or other learning needs.  With these issues considered, we will continue with our current plan of offering families a choice, at this point.  However, this could change, in the event of district or campus level health concerns.  Additionally, we wanted to ensure that you make an informed decision.  We cannot ensure an environment free of COVID-19 related health issues, but we can only take measures to help mitigate its spread.  


Dallas County Clay Jenkins School Public Health Guidance August 2020

Previously, we indicated to parents that your choice of whether you want your child to learn at-home or at-school was to be finalized by August 17th. However, with this new information and recommendation from Dallas County to keep all students online, we are providing you an additional chance to change your selection, if needed.  You will also have additional opportunities to change your choice, as things continue to change.  If you previously chose to learn at-school 1-5 days per week, but would now like to change your preference to 100% at-home, please do so by Monday, August 24th by visiting the link below.  


Only if you would like to change your student(s) learning preference, please submit the English OR Spanish mobile friendly form below by Monday, August 24, 2020. Select link below, fill out brief 2 page form then hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form after you complete it. (1 form per student change)


English Version



Spanish Version


We know that the decision to have your child continue to stay at home or attend in person learning is a very difficult one, but is also a personal decision that each family should be allowed to make, when possible.   Please be assured that our task force is remaining diligent to ensure we continue to stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing environment and presence of the virus in Dallas County and local communities.  Again, thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.  We will inform you if any additional changes are necessary.related to this pandemic.


Dr. Angela R. McDonald


Advantage Academy

Dallas County School Public Health Guidance August 2020


August 4, 2020

We have some great news for you! This year all PK-12 Advantage Academy students will receive free breakfast and lunch everyday this year. This will include our online and hybrid students enrolled at Advantage Academy. We will let you know soon what days & times we will hand out breakfasts and lunches for our online and hybrid learners. 

We are now introducing Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). What is (CEP) and what does it mean for Advantage Academy families? CEP is a school meal funding option of the National School Lunch Program that enables schools to provide FREE meals to ALL AA students.  Regardless of the household income.

CEP eliminates the out-of-pocket costs of school meals for all families and reduces stigma for students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals.

CEP eliminates any concerns of unpaid school meal debt; helps families make ends meet at a time when many are facing loss of jobs and reduced wages. CEP eliminates having to give a student an alternate meal because the meal balance has exceeded the limit and/or the student cannot pay. 

We are excited about providing healthy nutritional FREE school meals to our Advantage Academy students for the next 4 years. For any questions and/or concerns please contact our Child Nutrition Department at 214.276.5848.  ____________________________________________________________________________________