School Closing Information

April 27, 2020

Advantage Academy Grand Prairie West PK-7 Families - For those students/parents who chose the paper packet option for schoolwork, please view the short video from Principal Wright about the homework packet pickup and dropoff location change to the GPW campus starting this Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Note: Mon & Wed meal pick up will stay at the same GPE location.

April 20, 2020

Dear Advantage Academy Staff, Parents and Students, 

We hope this letter finds you healthy and well under these trying circumstances. In our effort to keep everyone informed, I wanted to share with you the latest information received from our Governor, Greg Abbott. Effective Friday, April 17, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order declaring that ALL TEXAS schools will remain closed for the duration of this school year. Having said that, the education of our children still remains our top priority in spite of the new learning methods required since the onset of COVID-19; therefore, our campuses will continue our Distance Learning program throughout the remainder of this school year.

We know that this continues to be a challenging time for everyone. We will continue to work with parents and students to ensure that every child is given the best support that we can provide during this time. Please continue to stay informed of your child’s progress for the remainder of the year and as always, contact the district or campus principal if you need further support.

We will continue to keep you informed with updates as we receive them, and sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. Please continue to take care of yourselves and your children. You may contact us at 972.804.3543 or email your campus principal by email at their email addresses below listed by campus. 


Dr. Angela McDonald


Principal email addresses:


GPE 8-12




April 7, 2020

Dear Advantage Academy Families,

RE:  Dallas County Amended Order

As you know, there has been ongoing communication to the public, including communication from government officials to public schools. We are staying in contact with a variety of sources, both at the local and state levels. These are unprecedented times and COVID-19 has created some challenges with communication.  

On Friday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued a safer-at-home order until May 20. He has now amended that order with a new date of April 30...this new date is more in line with Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order closing in-person classroom attendance up until May 4, 2020.

We apologize for this confusion, but due to this amended order there is still a potential we will return to school at some point in May. If and when anything changes, we will notify you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I have provided links below for more information.

Governor Abbott's Executive Order March 31, 2020

Judge Clay Jenkins Amended Order April 6, 2020


Angela McDonald
Advantage Academy
April 6, 2020

Dear Advantage Academy Families,

The past three weeks have been very challenging for everyone.  Our lives and regular schedules changed overnight. However, our school community, including students, parents, and educators have done an outstanding job adjusting to these changes.  Thank you parents for helping your children learn at home. Just a few days ago, Governor Greg Abbott announced that schools must remain closed until at least May 4th and Dallas County has now announced a stay-at-home order for Dallas County until May 20.  Due to these state and county decisions, Advantage Academy will not be back in school for the remainder of the school year.  The Advantage Academy team, including our teachers and campus leaders will continue to do everything we can to help every student to continue to successfully learn while at home.  Please stay connected with your child’s teacher to ensure they have the needed support for learning.  

It is our goal to keep you informed of all new information as quickly as we can. Your child’s report card will be mailed this week. This report card indicates grades for the third 9-week period, which ended on March 6th. Please be aware that your child is continuing to receive grades for each assignment for the 4th 9-week period.  It is important to ensure that your child completes all assignments and returns them to their teacher, either electronically or by delivering them each Wednesday at the campus.  Most of you are working hard to stay on target to help your child complete school work in order to stay on grade level and classroom expectations. For those who have yet to begin work, it is critical that you connect with your child’s teachers immediately so that your child does not fall too far behind. Our team is here to help resolve any issues that are causing you and your child learning difficulties.

Lastly, please remember to enjoy this time with your children. Have some fun, play games, and remember to laugh!  These are stressful times and it is important to stay positive and provide hope for a better future. Stay connected virtually to those who are important to you during this time.  I encourage you all to stay safe, stay home except for essential outings, and wash your hands. Do all you can to stay healthy.


Dr. Angela McDonald
Advantage Academy
April 2, 2020


Beginning Monday, April 6, 2020 Advantage Academy meal service pickup will now be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Mondays - Grab-n-Go 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (Meals will be provided for Monday & Tuesday.) Wednesdays - Grab-n-Go 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (Meals will be provided for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.)

Our free healthy meals will be available to all children ages 18 and under at our designated Advantage Academy Campuses - Grand Prairie East Bldg 500, North Duncanville 4009 Bldg lot and Waxahachie campuses. Students may pick up a Grab-n-Go drive through meal from 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays (only). Meals will be distributed at the designated area at each campus.  Children must be  present to qualify and provide one proof of enrollment at an area school (i.e. Report card, Student ID, Birth certificate for the child or children).


NOTE: School work paper packet pickup/drop off time  will also change to 7:30 am – 11 am Wednesday's



March 27, 2020
March 25, 2020
March 25, 2020
March 20, 2020 2:30 pm

Dear Advantage Academy PK-12 Parents/Guardians,


RE: Student Instruction begins Monday, March 23 for online learners OR Wednesday, March 25 for Paper/Pencil work. Online is preferred. Choose only 1 option.

Versión en español de este correo electrónico
Attached: Clever & Google Classroom Login Instructions (Eng/Span)


The COVID-19 virus is presenting challenges to many families; but we at Advantage Academy are viewing this as an opportunity to find new and exciting ways to engage our students in meaningful learning experiences.


Even though the school buildings are closed, the state requires us to provide schoolwork for students to continue to learn from home. All students will engage in learning in one of two ways. They will either use online learning or through paper/pencil packets. Schoolwork will be graded.


If you have not already completed our COVID-19, Technology & Meals survey, please do so now at this link by 6 pm this Sunday. It is imperative that we plan for the appropriate method of instructional delivery for each family.


ONLINE LEARNING (preferred learning method for all PK-12 students)


For families who do have internet access on either a device (tablet, laptop, or PC, Playstation, or XBox), or a Smartphone, they will be engaging in online learning experiences through Google classroom.  The Google Classroom app on Smartphones is a great way to access this platform! If your family does have access to technology, we want to HIGHLY encourage the use of our online learning platform for a variety of reasons. This is preparing students for the learning environment of the 21st century. All college students are expected to engage in online learning. As our teachers do more with online learning, this will carry over into the next school year. Students will receive immediate feedback in many cases, as opposed to waiting for well over a week to receive graded packets. They can experience interaction with other students and the teacher! Also, students will have more choices and varieties in the online learning platforms. 


In the coming days, your scholar will be invited to join Google Classroom to start their online learning. Your child knows what their email address is, because they use it regularly to log on to Chromebooks or to Clever (see Clever instructions attached).


If your scholar does not remember their Advantage Academy email address, you can request we send it to you. In addition, if your scholar does not remember their password, we can reset it for you. Please go to the link below, fill out the form, and we will reset their password and send you a message. 


In addition, we have attached instructions on how to get your scholar to access their Google Classroom to start their learning. We have included the instructions in both English and Spanish for your help.(attached)




Internet Access Providers are doing their part to help families have access to the Internet. Below are some vendors who are providing either free or discounted Internet access to families during this time:


  •  Charter Spectrum: They are offering Free Internet access for K-12 students for 60 days. Call 1-844-488-8395.
  •  Comcast Xfinity: They are offering a package called Internet Essentials for 2 months to new customers. You can access them by visiting this link.
  • Free Internet from Suddenlink: They are offering 60 days of service for households of K-12 or college students. Call 1-866-200-9522.
  • Free Internet from Optimum: They are offering 60 days of service for households of K-12 or college students. Call 1-888-633-0030.
  • Free Internet from Cox: Until May 12, 2020 Cox is offering the first month of their low-income Internet service for free. You can access this program by visiting this link.


PAPER/PENCIL PACKETS (only those with no internet access)


For PK-12 students who will be learning through Paper/Pencil packets, we will have packets available at your campus.Parents will pick up packets on Wednesdays. The following Wednesday, they will return the packet to be graded and will receive a new packet (and any packets graded from prior weeks).


PK-12 Packet Pickup at campus

Wednesday - March 25th (every Wed until further notice)

Thursday - March 26th (Thursday packet pickup will be open for week # 1 only)

7:00 am - 10:30 am


Week 1: Paper packets in week 1 papers cover these dates: Week 1 - March 25th - March 31st. We highly encourage you to use online learning instead of paper packets.


Completed Student Packet #1 delivery is due back to the same campus: (online assignments & due dates will be emailed by early next week)

Wednesday, April 1st, 7:00 am - 10:30 am


This is a challenging time for all families, but it is an opportunity to slow our hectic pace of life and spend time with those we love.


I have add a link below of amazing research sites paid for by the district with the login information.  Also, below is also a great list of activities and learning tools for toddlers through adults.


If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher via email. If you are needing additional information, please contact your campus principal via email or for faster service go to the locations tab of our website and select your students campus and select the staff page in the right column navigation bar.


It is very important to us to answer all of your questions or concerns and to stay connected to you and your child.


This letter past and further communication is posted at


Thank you for allowing us to serve you,


Angela McDonald


Advantage Academy

Versión en español de este correo electrónico
Attached: Clever & Google Classroom Login Instructions (Eng/Span)
March 18 2020 10:30 am

Advantage Academy Parents and Students,


We still need SEVERAL more parents or students to fill this survey out that was sent via email this past Monday. We ask that you complete this brief form today by 5 pm.
Be sure and hit submit at completion.
Advantage Academy
March 17,  2020 12:45 pm
Dear Advantage Academy Families,

We hope everyone is taking all necessary precautions to be safe and healthy, whether at home or at work.  During these times with the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to keep you posted as new developments are announced at Advantage Academy and across the state of Texas.


We are committed to staying abreast of the current status of the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) through ongoing communication and coordination with state agencies, including the Texas Education Agency and county health departments.  We will continue to send out ongoing communication and updates via Schoolmessenger, our website and our district Facebook page. 

Advantage Academy is now closed indefinitely. State officials are suggesting that this could last 8 weeks or more, which will take us through the end of the school year.

Please be assured that we are currently creating instructional plans and resources for your child while at home.   These resources will be online for those who have access to the internet. For those who do not currently have internet access, the school will be providing paper packets for parents to pick up on the GPE, WAX & ND campus.

Below is additional information that may help you during this time:

  • Beginning next week, Advantage Academy students will be able to continue lessons at home through the online learning or through workbook/paper resources, which will be made available at the GPE, ND & WAX campus.
  • Advantage Academy will provide meal service during closure to families (see below). 
  • The state of Texas has announced that no students will take the STAAR test, including End-of-Course tests this school year (3rd through 12th). I applaud this decision as a necessary step to remove state testing as a factor for school districts when making decisions about the health and well-being of our school communities.
  • Report cards will be mailed within the next few weeks.
  • Currently, there are no known cases of Advantage Academy students or staff members that have contracted COVID-19.
  • Updates


Child Nutrition 

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 free healthy meals will be available to all children ages 0 - 18 years at these 3 locations:  Grand Prairie East Bldg 500, North Duncanville 4009 Bldg lot and Waxahachie Grab-n-Go drive through meal Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Children do not have to be students at the campus but must be present to qualify for the meals and families can visit any campus location. Any child 0-18 is eligible for a meal. Stephanie Shaw 214-276-5848

Academics - beginning next week (3/23/20)

PK-8 We are in the process of developing both online and paper/pencil learning activities for your scholars. 9-12  Parents and students will be receiving communication pertaining to their various class assignments and instructional settings. We know that keeping students busy and engaged in meaningful activities is important.  In addition, you will be receiving communication for your child’s teacher. Please email your teacher for any instructional concerns. Teacher emails are located under each campus location page of our website.



Principal email addresses are below:

Mrs. Martin WAX

Mr. Wright GPW

Ms. T. Williams ND

Mr. Burnheimer GPE

Student Services-Nurses Office

If you have medication on campus that needs to be picked up, please email your campus nurse. 

Kiana Smith ND

Skye Phillips Wax

Joyce Tyson GPE

Myeisha Williams GPW 

Enrollment: call 214-276-5822 text: 972-804-3543 or email:

PK-12 Online Learning Sites (many have smartphone apps too)



March 13, 2020 - 2:00 pm
Dear Advantage Academy Parents/Guardians,
With additional cases of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and the potential of community transmission in Dallas County and other areas, Advantage Academy is closing school, after school care and events next week for all students through March 20, 2020.
We look forward to having students back as soon as possible. We will continue to send out notifications as we are updated on the situation.
It is of utmost importance for everyone to stay healthy and safe.
Advantage Academy