Parent Packet 2020-2021

  • Learning Options
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Advantage Academy is now offering three learning options for students: 100% at school, 100% at home, or a hybrid model! Please visit the link below to view a video from our Academic Department for more information on instructional options and academic expectations for each. 

  • Learning Options Form
    To choose your student's learning environment, please submit the English OR Spanish mobile friendly form below for each of your Advantage Academy students within 3 days of enrollment. Please select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form after you complete it.
  • Online Learning
    Invitations to students' virtual classrooms (Google classrooms or SeeSaw) will be sent to students through email and Remind (download free smartphone App). Students will accept the invitation and log into their virtual classroom before August 31st. (New students who do not have a device prior to the first day of school may join their virtual class after picking up their device). Instructions will be given in Google Classroom or SeeSaw about how to join live learning and submit work from home. 
    Student Attendance Information 
    Due to COVID-19, this year’s attendance will be much different from the past. With three models of learning, attendance for each one will be taken differently. However, the expectations for learning will be the same. Students and parents each have responsibilities in order to be successful. Students must be engaged in learning on a daily basis. Students must make progress in each subject. Regardless of the learning model the student selects, all students are expected to adhere to the Minimum Attendance for Class Credit (at least 90% of the days the class is offered). Failure to attend 90% of the scheduled class days in each semester may result in loss of credit and/or not be advanced to the next grade. Students will face truancy charges, if the student is absent from school or does not complete daily online tasks during the attendance taking period. The state determines attendance for the day based on whether students are present in 3rd period (according to Advantage Academy’s yearly academic schedule). See the Attendance Policy for more details. 
    Advantage Academy will loan all students an electronic device. The electronic device, which is the property of Advantage Academy, is being provided to students so they can participate in online learning. For device pickup, parents/guardians will need to bring a current valid government ID. Equipment will only be checked out to the student’s parent or guardian.
    Parent Portal Access & Security Code
    If you did not create your account in the past, this information will be provided to parents when you are provided a technology device. If you are not receiving a device, this information can be mailed or emailed to you at a later date.
    Emergency calls, report cards, etc.
    Please fill out the parent contact form if there have been any address, email, or phone number changes since you enrolled or anytime in the future. Use this form all year for changes so we can continue to reach you for emergencies, teacher calls, report cards, etc. or contact the campus registrar/attendance staff. 
    Busing Cleanliness/Protocol
    ND & GPE - Drivers and all students must wear masks. Buses are cleaned after each use (see School Reentry Protocol for more details).
    New Dress Code
    GPE Secondary students are no longer required to wear school uniforms. Students must be in full compliance with all requirements. Please visit see New Secondary Dress and Grooming Code for requirements. For all other campuses, please visit Uniforms and Dress Code.
    Mask Requirements 
    • PK-2nd grade will be required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, bathrooms and hallways. 3rd-12th grade students will be required to wear a mask all day except for eating and drinking. Teachers/Staff will wear appropriate face coverings at all times. Parents/Visitors/Volunteers will appropriately wear face coverings at all times. Students will not be required to wear face coverings while eating but must be distanced 6 feet apart.It may not be feasible for students to wear masks while participating in some extracurricular or other activities.

    • Parents are responsible for providing their child with face coverings. The school will provide a replacement should the one provided by the parent become lost or unusable during the school day.

    • Individual needs regarding face coverings will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations should be submitted to the school’s Student Services Director.

    • Teachers/staff will be provided with reusable face coverings by the school district. Additional protective equipment will be provided to school nurses/nurse aides for use in the clinic.

    • Approved face coverings include over the nose and must be: cloth face covering, non-medical grade disposable face mask or full-face shield to protect eyes, nose and mouth.