Why Choose Advantage Academy?

  • Advantage Academy serves every unique student that enrolls with us, tuition-free. We tend to the whole student - mind, body, and spirit!

    Families choose Advantage Academy over their traditional ISD for many different reasons, here’s what our parents have to say: 

    • We give parents a voice in their child’s education by giving them a CHOICE.
    • Our students have unique opportunities to get involved in the community, create their own clubs, have a head start with college courses, and much more. 
    • We focus on 7 Pillars of Character and Leadership - we are developing knowledgeable citizens with a strong work ethic.
    • Our students thrive in the small school environment because their teachers know them. Teachers seek out every student’s strengths, in character and leadership, and help them grow with it.
    • We are focused on building a supportive and nurturing community. We have zero tolerance for bullying, and because we are small, incidents are noticed and addressed immediately.
    • Our Champion’s Pledge affirms and motivates our students to believe they have  what they need to be a champion!
    • We offer free tutoring and mentoring programs that help students succeed.
    • Our high school students benefit from dual-credit enrollment,  internships in the local community, demonstrated leadership from teachers and staff, and opportunities to play sports and join clubs that would otherwise be unavailable at a large ISD.
    • We are faith-friendly.
    • Our students can be at school early and late so parents know they are in a safe place.
    • We are here for our students, our families, and our community.

    Advantage Academy is a place with a purpose where your student will thrive. We are a tuition-free public school for pre-K - 12th grade students and we’re building Champions with a Future and a Hope. Join us!

    For more about Advantage Academy schools and our enrollment process, contact the enrollment department @ 214-276-5822 or email us at enrollment@advantageacademy.org.