Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Britney McCaslin

As a teacher, I believe every student deserves the opportunity to learn at their own individual pace, let curiosity direct their learning, and participate in hands-on activities that encourage growth.

My journey in being fascinated with learning started at 6th grade when I had the pleasure of being in the classroom of an amazing teacher who was able to fight for my education and was able to diagnose my learning disability of dyslexia. I was a gifted and talented student at an early age but was struggling with most aspects of english language arts and back then it was unlikely for me to have a learning disability. As I got into highschool I had amazing teachers that became mentors to my learning by going above and beyond to teach me not only the subject matter but give me unique skills to conquer my learning disability that I would later take on to college to become successful. They took the time and effort to give me individualized tools and tricks to help me overcome having dyslexia and not letting it slow me down. My heart for teaching stems from the love and support I was given during my childhood education journey.

I strive to be that teacher and mentor to my students in my classroom. I will always fight for what is best for my students and give them any and every tool they need to be successful. Every student learns and retains differently and I enjoy the challenge of discovering those needs and implementing them in the classroom.