Degrees and Certifications:

Associates of Arts in EC-6 Education Child Care Director Certification Bachelors of Science in Human Sciences, Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Child Development.

Ms. Jordan Schwarz

Hi, Hello! 

I am one of the First Grade Teachers at Advantage Academy Grand Prairie West!

This is my first year at Advantage Academy and my first official year teaching, and I'm teaching first graders. This year is full of firsts!

While this is my first official year of teaching in K-12, I have experience working with children and families in all different capacities, such as special education, preschool, day care, children's advocacy centers, church, and more. Teaching has always had a piece of my heart and I am thrilled to put all my experience to use this year. I love Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and believe it is important for little ones to recognize their emotions and learn how to regulate themselves. A few of my favorite things about teaching are watching students implement lessons they have learned in their everyday lives, seeing students grow, and building relationships.

I love getting to know all the tiny humans outside of who they are in school, so here are a few things about me. I love anything crafty! Painting, cricut projects, refurbishing furniture, photography, and more. I will always sign up to provide desserts, baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do. I love a good road trip. Elephants and Moose are my favorite animals. I have lived in Texas since I was about ten years old, but the Northerner in me still loves the snow and cold weather! 

My last name is Schwarz, which is actually the color black in German! Though Schwarz can be a little tricky to pronounce. My favorite way? Say S'mores, then say it again by changing the M in S'mores to a W, like sWarz (Schwarz.) Most people say variations of Schwarz, Schwartz, Swartz, Swarez, S'mores, or the easiest way, Ms. S! 

I am so excited to see all the amazing things this year brings!